Function Rooms

Corner Bar


The Corner Bar is situated on the corner of Ann and Constance Street and has a full view of the valley night life.

This space has a laid back casual feel with a wide open space and plenty of comfortable seating for all of your

special guests. Exclusive entry and a VIP bar area are only some of the few services this space has to offer.

Suitable for functions of 100 people +.


Lava Lounge


The Lava Lounge is located downstairs next to our main dance floor and is a quirky large space, suitable for larger

groups. The Lave Lounge offers a private space for your guest however you are still amongst all the excitement of

the venue. Suitable for groups of 50 +.


Spaceship Lounge


Our Spaceship Lounge is situated at the entry of our venue and is easy for your guests to find upon arrival.

Suitable for cocktail nights, hen’s parties or small birthday celebrations, the Spaceship lounge caters for groups no

larger than 30 people.




We have 4 private booths perfect for those after work drinks or small celebrations. Located conveniently next to

our main bar, our booths are great for a quick drink with your colleagues or a fun night out. Suitable for groups

no larger than 10.


Outdoor Deck

Outdoor Deck

Outside and away from the rest of the crowd, the Outdoor Deck is perfect for those functions with a more laid

back feel. Great for smaller gatherings, The Deck offers privacy in a comfortable surrounding.


Indigo Lounge



Our largest room upstairs offers a bar, pool table and smoking balcony. Fitted with plasma screens and corner seating,

this space is perfect for birthday celebrations, engagements or work staff parties for functions with up to 100 guests.


Velvet Lounge


A more warm and intimate space. The velvet lounge is perfect for those cocktail nights, hens parties or smaller gatherings.

Perfectly fitted out in a trendy chic decor, the Velvet Lounge is an ideal area for 15-20 people.


Saffron Room


A great party room ideal for any celebration. With access to an out door balcony, pool table, plasma screens, and seating

for all your guests, the Saffron Room is perfect for your guests and a suitable space for 20 – 50 people.


Mint Room


One of the larger function areas, The Mint room offers a pool table, plasma screen and seating for all your guest.

With its funky décor and complete privacy from the rest of the venue, the Mint Room will certainly leave your

guests satisfied. This area is great for functions from 40 – 80 people.